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New approach for policing Time has come to think says CJP Khosa

New approach for policing Time has come to think says CJP Khosa

Time has come to rethink the approach of the police. Police should be perceived as a protector. You have to teach this to the under training officers. This change is important to keep the social contract alive,” said Justice Khosa.

While talking about the lesson from APS, the CJP highlighted that the incident shook the country and led the nation to look into the approaches they had adopted.

“That [APS massacre] was the incident we realised enough is enough,” said CJP Khosa, adding that the massacre also led to the formulation of National Action Plan.

The CJP said that the another lesson from the APS massacre was that “when we get together on one agenda we can achieve anything”. The CJP urged that the need for the country to once again look for the areas that unite us and work on those areas.

The fall of Dhaka and the APS carnage. Both these tragic incidents have some lessons for us,” said the CJP.

While talking about the lessons from the fall of Dhaka, the CJP noted that“if the state starts asserting itself too much then people breakaway from the social contract”.

The top judge told the police officers that this is what they have to teach the under training officers at the academy.

Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Asif Saeed Khosa on Monday said that the time has come to rethink of a new approach for the police.

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